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Hear what our partner service centers have to say about the business-building benefits of our car repair financing program. 

We saved an average of $10K a month in service business from walking off the service drive. 

Tim in Dallas, TX 

In the last 9 months, they have supported an increase of service revenue by over $100K, funding an average of 12 repairs per month for $14K per month. The tickets they fund average $1,200, more than 3X our average ticket size. 

Ken in Killeen, TX

This financing program has been instrumental in helping increase our revenue since we partnered with them. In just 6 months, they have been responsible for retaining about $200K in service revenue between our 2 flagship stores.

Jerry in Dallas, TX

They have given us the ability to offer our customers quick, easy financing options and has equated to over $63,000.00 in additional sales last year. If you don’t currently have easy financing options on your service drive, this is your solution!

Mike in Pueblo, CO

This finance program is easy to use, professional looking and definitely sets us apart from the competition. I have used other finance options but the customer support is second to none and have had no issues with this program. I easily added $12K+ in monthly sales and it is growing every month. My advisors love it! 

Rick in Colorado Springs, CO

We have been very pleased with the loan program. It is easy to use and has provided us with another way to help keep our customers’ cars safe and well maintained. We highly recommend them. 

Mark in Austin, TX 

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