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Becoming a DigniFi Business

Can we try offering DigniFi financing without committing long-term?

We offer flexible terms, so please contact us to discuss options.

If we’re ready to try DigniFi, how do we get started?

Contact us to request a demo, and your DigniFi representative will be glad to help you set up your program.

Are there any states that DigniFi does not do business in?

Yes, DigniFi does not do business in MA.

DigniFi Training and Support

Is there someone I can call at DigniFi who actually picks up the phone?

Yes. Just call DigniFi Customer Care at 855-808-5861. We’re ready to help in any way we can.

Do we get a dedicated account manager?

Every service center we partner with is assigned a dedicated account manager. Ideally, the representative is local and available for in-store visits at least once a month. Some of our partner service centers have remote account managers that will travel to a region as needed. And, of course, you can always call or email your account manager at any time.

What’s the process for onboarding our staff to the DigniFi program?   

DigniFi has account reps that will train your service advisors in a group or individually — whichever works best for your business. It usually takes 20 minutes or less to review all the program essentials. We create accounts for each of your representatives and review the training deck with them in detail. Our goal is to answer every question and ensure that your teams are set up for success. We make our program extremely easy to use! 

We have new employees. Will DigniFi come back to train them?   

DigniFi can arrange a remote training if there’s no local representative. We’ll provide as many remote-training sessions as you and your staff need. You just have to reach out to your dedicated DigniFi account manager to schedule them. 

What DigniFi marketing support do we receive?     

You will get desktop point of sale counter cards, posters and window clings that will help your customers to quickly learn about DigniFi financing programs. We also provide you a co-branded website landing page that you can leverage. 

The Customer Prequalification Process

How can customers get prequalified?

It’s just two easy steps:

  1. Send a prequalification invitation to your customer via email or text message.
  2. Customers will follow the link from your invitation, enter their information, and see if they prequalify for financing.

How long does it take to find out if a customer is prequalified?

Just a few minutes.

How long does the prequalification decision last? 

If a customer prequalifies for financing, they have 30 days to complete the formal application. After 30 days, they can get prequalified again without a hard credit pull.

What if an existing customer tries to get prequalified?

If a customer with an existing account attempts to go through the prequalification process, DigniFi will redirect the user to log in to the DigniFi portal.

Can our business get started on a repair order based on a customer’s prequalification status?  

Not necessarily. Service Advisors should make sure that a customer has been approved for financing before starting any work. Prequalification is contingent on DigniFi’s ability to verify a customer’s information and does not guarantee an application will be approved.

The Customer and Loan Access Process

How does my team educate customers about this great financing program? 

Your sales and service advisors can share DigniFi point-of-sale materials with customers as well as text or email them a link to the DigniFi website. We make it super simple for the customer to review the program information while they’re shopping at your showroom or waiting to have their car looked at for repair.

What if the customer has some but not all of the cash needed for the purchase they want to make?

If the customer is approved for financing, their approval will show the maximum amount that DigniFi will finance for them. The customer may choose to use as much or as little of that amount as possible, up to the maximum. For example, if they need a repair that is $2,000 and they were approved for the entire amount, they can use as little as $350 (our minimum loan amount) or as much as $2,000 from DigniFi, then pay any balance out of pocket. 

How does my sales or service team know if a customer has signed their DigniFi loan documents? 

You will receive an email confirming that the customer signed the loan documents. You can also log into your account on and view the loan status online. In addition, you can always call DigniFi Customer Care at 855-808-5861 if you have any questions. 

What’s the difference between a cardholder and installment* loan customer?

A cardholder can use their revolving line of credit throughout the entire store (front and back end). An installment* loan customer can only use their installment* loan for services, parts and accessories (back end). Cardholders can receive 6-months interest deferred**; installment* loan customers can receive 90-days interest waived*. There is no minimum purchase on DigniFi ExpressWay cards.

Are DigniFi Expressway cards we initiate exclusive to my dealership?

Currently the DigniFi ExpressWay card can be used at any dealership/service center that has DigniFi ExpressWay activated in the dealer set-up. However, it just so happens that where a customer applies, they typically use the card.

Can Installment* loan approvals or ExpressWay cards be used for trade assistance?

No, neither the Installment loan* nor the ExpressWay card can be used for trade assistance at this time.

When will our accounting team expect money to come in? How long does this take?

DigniFi pays within 48 hours, meaning no need for your accounting team to chase down payments!

Integrating with DigniFi

Does DigniFi have any integrations?

We offer a variety of integrations that let us offer a safe and secure (yet highly customizable) financing platform for your customers. Plus, our merchant API makes it easy to utilize our payment calculator, application, and prefill functionality on your website or mobile app.

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