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For car dealerships, fast and flexible customer financing closes more deals and grows bottom lines.

Giving customers access to great financing options for service and sales is key to closing deals on the spot.

“I’ve seen customers tear up when they realize we can make their dreams come true with a little help from DigniFi.”


Sometimes customers experience roadblocks on their way to getting cash for vehicle needs. They might need a little extra help for emergency repairs, parts, accessories, or the purchase of a new or used car. According to DigniFi Expressway dealership partners, customers face some of these common obstacles when trying to secure financing:

Less Than Perfect Credit

Often, dealerships get customers who have less than perfect credit and need a car. Those deals are tough to make because, typically, people with challenging credit situations need a low payment and cannot put money down. But the reality is that they need to come up with some amount of money to make a purchase.

Can’t Afford Repairs

Service customers drop their vehicles off to have an issue diagnosed. While many people can absorb an expense of about $400 to $600, if they’re hit with a $1,400 to $2,000 cost, they’re in trouble. Deferring maintenance and repairs isn’t safe and costs more in the long run.

Trade-In Troubles and Not Enough Cash

When a trade-in is upside down (not paid for), it can get complicated and take time to sort out. Also, a customer may have low loan to value ratio, negative debt, or is coping with an economic downturn.

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The DigniFi ExpressWay revolving line of credit helps customers get back on the road.

DigniFi ExpressWay accelerates the sales process and helps retain more gross on every unit moved. Middle-of-the-road customers are ideal for DigniFi ExpressWay. Some customers with a credit score as low as 550 can qualify for a revolving line of credit. Existing partners report:

More deals close faster with higher customer success rates

DigniFi pays quickly without the need to chase down payments

A revolving line of credit increases repeat customers

With the DigniFi ExpressWay financing option, dealerships have been able to generate more sales. Customers walk away happier, and customer service ratings have soared because of benefits including:

No interest if paid in full within 6 months**

Easy, contactless application process that takes just minutes

A revolving credit line that can be used throughout the entire dealership**

Ability to receive services or make purchases without delay

“Obviously, for my service department, many people don’t have that extra money lying around. So as far as service repairs go, ExpressWay helps. For sales, having more access to financing helps if somebody wants to buy accessories along with the purchase of a car. For example, the client may want to put a thousand dollars down, but they don’t get paid until Friday. So, ExpressWay helps solve that problem.”

Justin in Salt Lake City, UT

“Without ExpressWay, we would have just done business as usual — waiting on down payments and sometimes just cutting a deal. Our customers are happy to have the option to use ExpressWay and pay back their loan with deferred interest. We use ExpressWay for about thirty car deals a month. ExpressWay definitely helps us pick up some extra gross or be able to pick up a few deals that we otherwise wouldn’t have.”

Ruben in Oklahoma City, OK
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of participating dealers say ExpressWay drives sales across profit centers.
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of dealers believe having DigniFi’s POS financing solution helps increase repair revenue.
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DigniFi ExpressWay increases revenue and improves customer loyalty.

With $35 million in loans for OEMs made on the platform last year alone, DigniFi ExpressWay dealership partners say signing up for ExpressWay has positively impacted their businesses. In fact, they report 30% repeat customers and are achieving incredible monthly results, including up to:

$50K in loans

Selling 10 new and used cars straight from the lot

Financing up to $25,000 in service work

We’ve processed 300,000+ applications, with thousands more every day. Trusted by 5,000+ world-class vehicle businesses on our platform, we’re doing it 24×7. Join us!

*All credit products are issued by WebBank.