With quick and easy financing options, Motorcycle and Powersports Dealerships help make customers' dreams come true

With quick and easy financing options, Motorcycle and Powersports Dealerships help make customers’ dreams come true.

Customers come in with aspirations and leave with rides that set them free.


“For customers, buying a motorcycle or Powersports vehicle is not only a strong desire, it’s a journey.”

For customers, buying a motorcycle or powersports vehicle is not only a strong desire, it’s a journey. Along with the vehicle purchase come unique expenses—top quality safety gear, lifestyle items, and the all-important services and maintenance programs that protect their investment. It can feel like a big step for some people who might face some of these common obstacles when trying to secure financing:

Maintaining Powersports Vehicles or Motorcycles Can Get Expensive
Consider this: An older gentleman on a fixed income went into one of DigniFi’s dealership partners where he had previously bought a motorcycle. He was concerned about paying for the first scheduled service. Unlike a typical oil change for a car, maintaining a top-of-the-line motorcycle usually means a scheduled service every 5,000 miles costing approximately $400. That’s about $1600 annually for the average rider. This customer had good credit, but he was on a budget. The dealership introduced him to DigniFi ExpressWay and reassured him that he could use it again later if when he needed more services. With flexible financing terms and an easy application process that took only a few minutes, the customer was extremely appreciative and left worry-free.

Less Than Perfect Credit
Often, dealerships get customers who have less than perfect credit and need help with a down payment or extra funds for service and maintenance. Those situations are tough to manage because, typically, people with challenging credit situations need an alternate way to pay. One DigniFi ExpressWay dealership partner reported that while they did offer other financing options, more and more they chose to offer DigniFi to customers because of the distinctly higher customer credit approvals. Giving customers access to a better financing option is making it more possible to introduce customers to all departments within a dealership—sales, merchandise, gear, accessories, services, and more. DigniFi ExpressWay has proven to be a great sales tool that grows bottom lines.

DigniFi service partner

The DigniFi ExpressWay revolving line of credit provides more choices and closes more deals

DigniFi ExpressWay accelerates the sales process and helps retain more gross on every unit moved. With a 65% approval rate for motorcycle shop customers with credit scores as low as 550, existing partners report that they close deals faster and experience higher customer success rates.

Also, DigniFi pays dealerships within 48 hours without the need to chase down payments. The DigniFi ExpressWay revolving credit line provides an opportunity for customers who have financial concerns to make purchases throughout the store. When customers experience the quick and easy prequalification and application process, they feel empowered to make that strong choice to invest a dream.

With the DigniFi ExpressWay financing option, dealerships have been able to generate more sales. Customers walk away happier, customer service ratings have soared, and return business is growing because of benefits including:

Financing from $350 to $7,500*

No interest if paid in full within 6 months**

Competitive interest rates

Affordable payments

Flexible payment terms from 12-36 months*.

Easy, contactless prequalification and application process that takes just minutes

A revolving credit line that can be used throughout the entire dealership**

Ability to receive services or make purchases without delay

“Since we’ve signed up with DigniFi, we’ve been funded somewhere in excess of $100,000. So, I do believe that ExpressWay has impacted us positively. And the thing that I like the most is when I get emails from people who are using ExpressWay repeatedly. We even have employees that have signed up for this program and use it to buy things at the store.”

Mike in Fairfield, OH

“If we didn’t use ExpressWay, we wouldn’t be able to help customers get assistance with down payments, which most customers need. We use it with every customer. One of the biggest benefits of using ExpressWay is telling customers there is an alternate way to get a loan.”

Blake in McDonough, GA
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DigniFi ExpressWay Increases Revenue in All Profit Centers

With $35 million in loans for OEMs made on the platform last year alone, DigniFi ExpressWay motorcycle and Powersports shops ExpressWay has positively impacted their businesses. In fact, they are achieving incredible results like annual revenue increases of up to 20% a year for service partners. Some additional dealerships have reported monthly numbers including:

$50K in loans a month

Selling 10 new and used straight from the lot

$25,000 in service work financed

18x ROI

We’ve processed 300,000+ applications, with thousands more every day. Trusted by  5,000+ world-class vehicle businesses on our platform, we’re doing it 24×7. Join us!

*All credit products are issued by WebBank.