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Introduce the prequalification process to every customer and see how it affects your bottom line.

DigniFi Prequal Application

Now, it’s easier than ever for customers to get financing, including:

  • No impact to customer credit score
  • Prequalify in 2 steps with a quick decision

We know you are always looking for ways to help your customers get cash right away to get back on the road. Whether they need funds now for essential car repairs, a new purchase, or other products and services within your dealership –  now all of your customers can determine their likelihood of qualifying for financing in 2 simple steps with a decision in just a few minutes.

Our quick prequalification process means customers will be able to see their likelihood of qualifying without impacting their credit score. And although we cannot guarantee that a customer will qualify for financing if they are prequalified, a customer will be able to see if they are highly likely to qualify prior to pulling their credit history in the regular application process.

“Our quick prequalification process means customers will be able to see their likelihood of qualifying without impacting their credit score.”

What is a Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment, also called a “tire alignment” or simply an “alignment,” optimizes the various angles of your wheels to each other and to the road. Those angles affect the way your vehicle drives and how your tires wear.

When your vehicle was built, the wheels were perfectly positioned to the manufacturer’s ideal specifications, right down to a tenth of a degree. But bumpy roads, potholes and “Oops, I didn’t see that curb there” moments, can wreak havoc on your alignment.

It may surprise you to know that bringing your vehicle back into alignment to avoid handling issues and premature and unsafe tire wear isn’t actually all about your wheels. In fact, it’s your vehicle’s suspension that needs to be adjusted. The suspension is an ecosystem of components that connect the body of a vehicle to the wheels. Working together, the components are designed to support the weight of the vehicle, control how well and smoothly it maneuvers, and ensure that the tires keep proper contact with the road.

By carefully fine-tuning a series of suspension angles, as well as adjusting suspension components that can shift from their ideal positions, become worn down by regular use or get damaged, your vehicle’s wheels can be correctly realigned.

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Here’s what dealerships should know:

The Process:

  • Send a prequalification invitation to your customer via email or text message.
  • Customers will follow the “Get Prequalified” link from your invitation, then enter their name, address, email and check the e-sign disclosure to proceed and see if they prequalify for financing.
  • Within a few minutes customers will receive one of two responses:
  • Approval Response: A “Congratulations” screen with the amount they have prequalified for pops up. The customer will also receive an email with this information.
  • Decline Response: If the customer does not prequalify, they will see a “We’re Sorry” screen.

It’s important to note that if a customer does prequalify, their offer is only good for 30 days, otherwise, they will need to prequalify again.

Service Advisor Check: Service Advisors should make sure that a customer has been approved for financing before starting any work. Prequalification is contingent on DigniFi’s ability to verify a customer’s information and does not guarantee an application will be approved.

Automatic Reminders: If a user prequalifies but does not apply for financing after three weeks, DigniFi will send the customer a reminder to notify them before the prequal decision expires.

Frozen Credit Files: DigniFi cannot process an application if the customer’s credit file is frozen. If this happens, the user will be given instructions on how to “unfreeze” a credit file.

Existing Customers: If a customer with an existing account fills out the prequal application, DigniFi will redirect the user to log in to the DigniFi portal. display “Looks like you’re already a customer! Please log in to continue.”  The regular application process will remain the same!

Adding our quick prequalification process to your current application process improves the customer experience, builds loyalty, and is a win-win for your customers and your dealership.

Because the faster and easier it is for a customer to get funds, the better the chances are that those deals will close when a customer needs it most: now. That’s good for customers, and that’s good for business.

Contact your DigniFi representative to learn more about getting your customers prequalified and on their way to purchasing today.

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